Castor wheels are a staple of any business that needs routine transportation of heavy loads around the premises. Thus, it is not uncommon to find steel castors being employed as a primary solution for these needs. But as with all other types of equipment utilised for heavy duty applications, not all castors are built the same. Each has their pros and cons, so it is judicious to know how best the different types of castor wheels can suit your business. One of the kinds of specialised castors that you can consider for your mobilisation needs is polyurethane castor wheels. Below are a few irresistible reasons why your business should switch to polyurethane castor wheels.

Exceptional load capacity 

A noteworthy characteristic of polyurethane employed for heavy-duty needs is its astounding tensile strength. This material is more robust than rubber, which is one of the more common supplies used to manufacture castor wheels. Additionally, the polyurethane castors have thicker treads when compared to rubber castors. As a result, the specialised polyurethane castors are capable of withstanding a higher load capacity, which means you can transport more items in one trip.

Astounding durability

Another highly beneficial characteristic of specialised polyurethane castors is their unparalleled durability. Polyurethane castors can withstand an array of damages including partial tears, cuts and so on. Moreover, the polyurethane is also capable of withstanding exposure to chemical elements, excessive moisture as well as UV rays. Therefore, no matter what industry you are n, you are guaranteed that the polyurethane castors will be up to the task. This resistance also translates into a decrease in operating costs since you will not have to replace your castors on a frequent basis.

Inaudible performance

The longevity of steel castors may be comparable to that of polyurethane castors. However, one of the significant drawbacks of employing steel castor wheels is the incessant squeaking noises that they make. These noises can be especially distracting in work environments that require quiet for concentration. Polyurethane castors are a better option to consider since they operate smoothly. The castor wheels are quite thick and move noiselessly, making these specialised castor wheels conducive to any work environment.

Assured floor maintenance

A typical complaint people have about using castor wheels in their workspaces is the steady damage that they cause to the flooring. If the wheels are made from abrasive materials, they can cause unsightly scratches on the floors that can be hard to repair. The large surface area of specialised polyurethane castor wheels ensures that there is minimal stress exerted on your flooring.