Most retail companies rely heavily on cold storage transportation to deliver highly perishable goods across Australia. If your business falls under this category, you'll require a reliable partner with state-of-the-art refrigeration equipment and technology to move your goods. Ensuring all these will provide you with peace of mind and safety assurance for your products. 

But how do you choose a reputable refrigerated delivery service? Well, here are the top four considerations for finding the right one.

The Required Temperature Specifications 

You'll either need chilled or frozen storage, depending on the type of goods you want to ship. Choosing the right temperature for your products is vital to ensure they arrive in the appropriate condition. 

Therefore, determine whether the selected company can deliver your goods at a specified temperature. Frozen refrigeration ranges from -1°C to -20°C, while the chilled type ranges from 0°C to 15°C.

Determine the Types of Goods to Ship Together

A proper understanding of the types of products to transport together is crucial. Australian authorities implement strict measures that define how goods must be shipped. 

For instance, you can't transport meat alongside greens in the same containers. Besides, medical supplies such as pharmaceuticals must be shipped alone. It's therefore essential to work with a company with tremendous experience handling various types of freight.

How Good Are the Company's Communication Skills?

A reputable refrigerated delivery company must uphold reliable correspondence throughout their service. They must ensure efficient client-dispatch, dispatch-driver and driver-client communication. Excellent communication is a quality you can't afford to overlook when finding a reliable refrigerated delivery service. 

 Customer Service Is Vital

Always ensure you compare customer service of several refrigerated transport companies to find the right one. It's challenging to find top-quality service, but stellar customer service is what wins and keeps clients. Hence, consider doing a little more research, including getting referrals and honest opinions from previous customers. 

Do they offer timely deliveries, and how friendly are their support staff? What's their contingency plan and who's held liable when something goes wrong? Do your due diligence and find out all the essential aspects concerning their customer care and services.

What's Their Geographical Knowledge of Your Supply Routes?

Finally, the property boom in Australia has taken an upward trend, and newer suburbs are cropping up daily. With increased urbanisation comes increased population and traffic jams. 

A refrigeration delivery service must have an in-depth knowledge of your geographic location. Therefore, working with a company that understands which routes to use can mean faster product delivery.

To learn more, contact a refrigerated delivery service.