Majority of auto wreckers including Mazda wreckers, Nissan wreckers, Mitsubishi wreckers and Subaru wreckers have built a good reputation when it comes to offering quality services. Also playing a big part in this industry is the Ford wreckers. The Ford wreckers offer the following perks. 

Ford Motorcraft parts

These are remanufactured parts from old Ford vehicles. The parts are bought by the Ford company from any willing seller. The acquired parts are then taken through a manufacturing process where they are modelled into new parts. The parts are then sold to Ford customers at a favourable price. The good thing about these parts is that they are specific to the model of the car. This makes it easier for the Ford wreckers to seek them out.

Before the sale of any parts, Ford wreckers make it their responsibility to ensure that the parts are of high quality. This process is followed to ensure the parts retain the 'Original Equipment' warranty.

Ford original parts

Ford wreckers also sell brand new motor parts. This maybe in the case where the customer wants to replace a damaged part. Original Ford parts have Original Equipment warranty that guarantees the customer gets quality parts. For the part be installed, you must choose the right parts for your vehicle to avoid malfunction. Every model has different parts from the other. Also, a professional is hired to ensure the part is fixed correctly.

Omnicraft parts

These are parts which are made for vehicles that are outside the Ford brand. They are primarily made at the Ford auto industries, and for them to be installed, the customer must hire a qualified technician. Not many auto wreckers can boast of this attribute, making Ford wreckers standout among others.

Maintenance of Ford vehicles

The owners of Ford vehicles also get the rare opportunity to service their vehicles at the nearest Ford wrecker station. They offer this maintenance services at a very affordable price. Good maintenance of the car ensures that the owner does not go through the process of repairing and replacing damaged parts.

Customer care

Ford wreckers also offer comprehensive customer support. If there is any burning issue regarding a newly acquired auto part, the customer is advised to seek the help of a technician who are always readily available.

The Ford wreckers boast of being one of the major industries in the world. They have achieved this through the provision of quality services and parts. This is the basic requirement of any auto wrecker. As seen above, Ford wreckers have successfully achieved this.