Turbocharged cars are a favourite for many people because they provide the needed power and fuel economy all in one. While these cars are powerful and durable, they are not invincible, and when poorly maintained, they do break down, just like the other car models. One of the basic rules to remember about turbocharged cars is that their engines produce a lot of heat and when it is not channelled correctly, it has the potential to ruin the entire vehicle's interior.  Understanding basic maintenance rules is the first step in maintaining these cars.

1. Go for synthetic oil

The first rule that you need to remember is that turbocharged cars will do better with synthetic oil than they will with the other alternatives. The cars produce a lot of energy which causes the temperature of the engine and other parts to rise. Synthetic oils are made to withstand these elevated temperatures better than different types of oil. When you switch to synthetic oil, you also need to remember to change it at least once every 500 miles.

2. Handling with patience

The most exciting part about operating a turbocharged car is revving it up and just enjoying the power of the engines. However, if you are going to handle the vehicle with ease, you need to allow the car to warm up before you start revving up the engine. Letting the car to warm up makes it easy for the lubricant to perform the task it is should. You also need to be an intelligence driver so that you can steer the car and allow it to use all the energy it is producing correctly. Remember that power surges should not be allowed to last for long periods as this increases the risk of the vehicle overheating.

3. Handling the pressure

The horse coupler of a turbocharged car is continuously under high stress due to the pressure that comes from the turbocharging process. When the coupler is not well maintained, the pressure will leak, and the charger will start overworking to manage the problem. It is, therefore, recommended that you have the hose coupler checked for possible leaks each time that you have other routine maintenance checks made.

It is easy to make sure that a turbocharged car provides you with the power you need to even handle the challenging driving tasks without ruining the vehicle's interior. All you need to do is handle the car with care and make your dealer your best friend. For more information, contact your local turbo service.