Cars are an important mode of transportation. If you are going on a trip or your car is broken, you may wish to hire a car.

Where can you hire?

Some car hire companies offer car rentals nationwide. Always check that a company offers car rentals in your area or the area that you would like to pick up a rental car from. You can hire a car at most airports.

How much does it cost to hire a car?

The cost of car hire varies. There are many comparison websites available to help you find the best deal. The website will provide you with information such as how many passengers the car can accommodate, how many doors there are and where you can hire the car. It will also describe whether you can cancel the hire for free, whether taxes are included and what will happen if you get into an accident.

When can you use a car hire service?

You can hire a car for local travel or a holiday farther away. Car rentals are a great option for picking up a car from an airport when you go on a trip. If your car is broken, you may be able to use a car hire service until your car is repaired.

Which car to hire?

There are many models available to hire. Which car you choose will depend on how many passengers there will be, the area you will be driving in and the price. If you will be driving in a rural area, you may need a car with greater power and adapted tyres. You can also hire hybrid cars for a more environmentally friendly drive. When hiring a car, ensure that you check if there are any locations where you cannot use the hire car; for example, you may not be able to drive on roads that are not paved.

What happens if an accident occurs?

It is important to always check the terms of the car you are hiring. If it has damage and theft protection, this means that a portion of the cost of repair or theft will be covered by the car hire service. This may exclude parts of the car such as tyres and windows. Ensure that you are aware of the excess that you will have to pay if the car becomes damaged or is stolen. Your rental car may also be provided with assistance in a breakdown.

Other factors to consider

Some car rentals will only be available for individuals of a certain age. Additionally, some car hire services may provide a limit on the level of mileage that you can use. All of this information should be available on the car hire service's website.