If you've been racking up the kilometres over the past few years as you travel around the country to pursue your job, then you may realise that certain mechanical items need some TLC. In particular, your automatic gearbox has never been rebuilt since you first took ownership of the vehicle and is way past due. What do you need to know about this particular type of work and why should you always take it to specially trained staff?

Choosing Carefully

While your vehicle may be a few years old now, the technology in use is still very sophisticated. If it is going to be rebuilt correctly, then the technicians need to be highly skilled at their work, and they need to keep up with various advances within their industry. Consequently, you should always choose a repair shop that invests in their staff by sending them to seminars and training courses on a regular basis and this place should also feature optimal working conditions. After all, you need to ensure that your gearbox is rebuilt in a completely sterile environment for best results.

Steps to Perfection

To do this job properly, the gearbox will need to be removed, and all of its internal components cleaned carefully before continuing. Usually, they are put into a solvent bath followed by a hot water flush, and this will help to get rid of contaminants and excess lubricant. Once this has been done, the technician will carefully inspect each item for excessive wear and will replace all gaskets, friction materials or seals as a matter of course.

Some components need very careful, and additional inspection, including the springs, valves and shafts and this is done with special tools for close-up work. Sometimes, particular components have to be resurfaced precisely, and this is especially true for pressurised parts, such as bushes and bearings. Usually, a specific type of machine is needed to ensure a perfect outcome.

Final Stages

Finally, everything is reassembled and put back into the vehicle. Once this is done, the ECU will need to be reset to get rid of any spurious diagnostic codes. When the technician is happy that everything is reconnected properly, they will take the vehicle on a road test. This will make sure that your gearbox is working correctly, prior to handing it back to you.

Worth the Effort

This job can be quite labour-intensive but extra work spent here will help to guarantee many uninterrupted kilometres in the years ahead. For more information, contact your local car service.